A Bit of Whimsy

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A Bit of Whimsy

The Oil Paintings of Betsy Schulthess

What do a mournful Basset Hound, plucky chickens, curious pigs and a Portsmouth landmark have in common?  All are part of the newest exhibit at Kennedy Gallery.

Throughout the month of March the Gallery will present the whimsical oil paintings of local artist Betsy Schulthess.  Betsy is drawn to animals and the many ways they seem to echo our own emotions.  She begins with quick sketches, in which she captures and simplifies the gestures and motions of animals and how the ever-changing light affects their form.  Once in the studio she tries to recreate , in oils, the energy and fun she had while drawing the sketch.  The result is a portrait of not only an animal’s appearance but also of its unique and colorful personality.  They appear almost ready to speak to us, to let us in on the story behind the painting – or maybe what comes next.

Betsy’s Portsmouth scenes reflect the same color and personality as her animal paintings.  Through shadows and form she inspires the feeling of a place rather than a photographic replica of it.   You will all recognize the warmth and charm of our seaside city.  As Betsy says, ” My hope is that my love for the New Hampshire landscape, people and animals comes through in my work.” 


Please join Betsy and us for an Opening Reception on Friday, March 3, from 5-8 pm, in conjunction with the monthly Art Round Town Gallery Walk.