A.R.T. Featured Monthly Show


The Oil Paintings of Patricia S. Gordon

For the month of September, the works of Patricia S. Gordon will be featured in her 8th annual solo show with Kennedy Gallery and Custom Framing. Entitled “Transitions,” this year’s show includes more seascapes than in the past, as well as a smattering of Patricia’s signature cloud-infused landscapes and a few close-up floral pieces. Some unframed gallery-wrap paintings as well as a selection of mini paintings in eclectic frames are new products for her show this year.

“My life is in the process of transition, which is ultimately a healthy progression and reflective of a period of growth and expansion, qualities which I cultivate and seek in my life. A major shift in my outlook and mode of living occurred with my husband’s recent transition from a corporate job (steady income and secure retirement goals) to the risk and expense of opening our own franchise businesses in the fitness field within the next year. The stresses inherent with change and the lack of financial security have been difficult obstacles to maneuver but serve to strengthen and cultivate a productive response to life’s challenges.

“My ability - and ultimate therapeutic need - to express my emotions in paint has served to ease my anxiety over an uncertain future and has been a godsend during this period. What I began to notice is that many of the pieces which I have been drawn to paint are transitional scenes – storm clouds and rain transitioning to blue sky; darkness and unrest leading to a bright and hopeful destination; or simply a quiet place of serenity and reflection leading down a path towards a brighter clearing.

“While it can be debated whether life imitates art (Oscar Wilde in his essay The Decay of Lying, 1889) or art imitates life, I hope that my images reflect a hopefulness that transition will eventually lead to positive change – turmoil and struggle can bring out our best selves and challenge us to grow and change as we seek to resolve our difficulties and conflicts. Likewise, a painting can serve to awaken us to the often breathless beauty and limitless inspiration inherent in the world around us – a lens to ‘see’ more clearly and subsequently empower ourselves to transition with grace and humility to our next destination.”

An opening reception for “Transitions” will be held on Friday, September 1, 2017, from 5-8 p.m. at Kennedy Gallery, in conjunction with Portsmouth’s Art Round Town. The artist will be in attendance.

Art Round Town’s September Show: “Transitions

** Some artwork is framed. Price includes framing – size does not indicate framed dimensions